We are the misfits. We are the engineers that don’t belong at engineering firms. We are the designers that engineer a vision. We are the businessmen that see numbers through creativity. We transcend typical boundaries to deliver our clients with extraordinary results. We are GCG.
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02 // About
We are an innovative interdisciplinary firm that is dedicated to providing companies with refined strategic business direction by enhancing reputation, developing unique branding indentity, and utilizing advanced technologies. Our business team pairs up with our IT group and creative talents to develop an all encompassing business strategy and plan, complete development of brand and image, marketing strategy, and IT solutions to support and enhance your business.
03 // Services
IT Consulting & Implementation
Our systematic yet dynamic approach allows us to develop solutions that focus at keeping your business’ core competency at its forefront and foundation without having to lose concentration, time, energy, and resources on ancillary tasks and services.
Business Consulting & Marketing
Our team’s expertise and experience allows us to gain a comprehensive understanding of our clients industry, best practices, and growth trends aids to produce sustainable solutions that are effective, forward thinking and years ahead of the curve.
Branding & Web Development
Our brand experts want to understand your business to enhance your identity. Logos were the face of your company. Today the perception of your business is transcended into the emerging digital realm. GCG's web technologists bring a deep understanding of all things digital; online, CMS, mobile, app, SEO, e-mail marketing, you name it, we've got it covered.
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